The Weasels

Workshop Weasel is an unusual design wooden craft store. We are a crew of a husband, wife and our three weasely babies, working to provide something different, something unique and carefully handcrafted for you, perfect for gifts to yourself or loved one.

Often before we started this adventure our small family unit was self-named our ‘weasely family’, mostly due to the mischief we cause. We also home and spoil several ferrets that take up a lot of our time and heart, therefore, it only made sense that when we named our venture, both our coined family name and the babies came to mind. Not to mention a group of ferrets is called a business! Thus Workshop Weasels was born.

The ferrets are kept mostly out of the actual studio, we are clumsy enough without the ferrets stashing our tools and supplies. They are however heavily involved in keeping morale high in the studio.

If you are interested in seeing more of the weasel family you can check out their Instagram @windowweasel and for all workshop weasel related goodies follow @workshopweasel on Instagram and Facebook at the top of this site.

Thank you as always.
Love from the WoWe Team xx

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