The Pens

Wooden Pens

Pens have been made of wood for well over a thousand years, several thousand if you consider grasses like Bamboo to be wood! If you feel you’re more of a traditionalist or prefer the timeless, classic or rustic look, we offer a variety of species of wood that I’m sure will fit your taste perfectly. Bespoke shaping, wood combinations or colouring is available – and if you have a piece of wood you’d like to see turned into a pen please reach out on our commissions page – there’s little more satisfying than provenance!

Resin Pens

If you’re looking for something a bit more theatrical, we can also offer pens in a variety of styles with dazzling colours that you just can’t achieve in a natural medium like wood. If you have a favourite colour combination or need a writing tool to match your journal or company colours, I’m certain we can find the perfect material for you. We can also offer clear pens with designs or logos inside – reach out to us on our commissions page and we can help bring your idea to life!

Fountain Pens

The pinnacle of elegance, the fountain pen. We offer a variety of fountain pen designs, and as you can see from the specimen below even with combination acrylic/wood bodies. All fountain pens come with an ink cartridge to get you going right out of the box; some more premium styles even come with a converter, allowing the use of bottled inks and expanding your palette into colours you simply can’t get in cartridges! If you have any specific requirements, no matter how insane you think they might be, please reach out to us on the comissions page, and I’m sure we can find some way to make the dream a reality!

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